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Tim Hayward


Years in Industry: 21 years

Cat or Dog: Dog
Football Team: CFL – Winnipeg Blue Bombers NFL - Vikings
Food: Steak
Drink: Red Wine
TV Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Music: Jack Johnson
Vacation: Hawaii
Season: Spring

Kim Westervelt

Operations Manager

Years in Industry: 35 years
CPB, Payroll Management Certificate, Certified Advanced QBO ProAdvisor

Cat or Dog: Neither but if I had to choose, dog
Football Team: Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Food: Chocolate
Drink: Coffee
Movie: Apollo 13
TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Book: Anything by Nicholas Sparks
Music: Classic Rock
Vacation: South Korea
Season: Fall

Janice Vermeulen

Senior Accounting Technician

Years in Industry: 13

Cat or Dog: Dog
Football Team: Bombers
Food: Chicken Wings
Drink:  Caesar
Movie: Big
TV Show: Law & Order
Book: Before I go to Sleep
Music: Light Rock
Vacation: Camping
Season: Summer

Jeannette Thiessen

Senior Accounting Technician

Years in Industry: 8 years
Designations: Bible College Diploma; RRC Bookkeeping Diploma; 3rd tier CPB

Cat or Dog: Dog
Football Team: Blue Bombers
Food: Sour Cream and Onion chips
Drink: Coke
Movie: Based on real life
TV Show: 22 Minutes
Book: The Bible
Music: For King and Country
Vacation: Camping
Season: Summer

Leslie Nikkel

Senior Accounting Technician

Years in Industry: 9

Designations: None (Yet)

Cat or Dog: Dog

Sports Team: Whomever the majority in the room is cheering for.

Food: Seafood

Drink: Coke

Movie: Pretty in Pink

TV Show: Anything by Shonda Rhimes

Book: Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill

Music: A cornucopia of genres

Vacation: Jamaica(so far)

Season: Fall

Sarah McKnight-Kube

Senior Accounting Technician

Years in Industry: 6 years
Designations: CPB

Cat or Dog: Dog
Sports Team: Formula 1 – Mercedes
Food: Pasta
Drink: Hot chocolate
Movie: Young Victoria
TV Show: Gilmore Girls
Book: Harry Potter series
Music: Punk
Vacation: Ireland
Season: Autumn

Maryna Tuznyk

Accounting Technician

Years in Industry: 4 years

Designations/Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting

Cat or Dog: Cat

Food: Seafood

Drink: Tea

Movie: Comedy

Music: Christian Music

Vacation: Sea

Season: Summer

Yuliya Shevchuk

Executive Assistant

Years in Industry: 5years
Bachelor of Management, Accounting Diploma

Cat or Dog: Dogs

Food: BBQ Ribs

Drink: London Fog Tea

Movie: Intern

TV Show: Suits

Book: Anything on Business & Leadership

Music: Anything but opera

Vacation: Beach with mountain view

Season: Definitely summer

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