5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit From QuickBooks Online Training

July 27, 2022

Owning a business can be scary in the beginning, especially when it comes to putting in time to make sure it's running smoothly and generating a profit. Managing your finances is one of the most important areas of your business, but also one of the most intimidating. If your business is small, you may not feel like you need to hire a Certified Public Account — but you do still need to keep accurate financial records. Managing your invoices, paying your bills, running payroll and tracking your cash flow are all vital parts of your business, but can be overwhelming if you’re doing your own bookkeeping.

QuickBooks Online is accounting software that makes bookkeeping simple and helps you manage your finances more efficiently, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never used it before. The good news is, we not only recommend Quickbooks as a tool for your business, but also offer training services on how to use it. In this blog, we outline five ways your business will benefit from QuickBooks Online (QBO) training.

Benefit From The Various Features

When learning and using QuickBooks, you will gain access to several tools and resources that will help your business. That said, it takes a little bit of time to figure out how all these features can work for your business, which is why getting proper training is extremely helpful.

Here are a few of the tools that QuickBooks has to make bookkeeping easier for your business:

  • Track income and expenses
  • Capture and organize receipts
  • Track mileage
  • Manage bills and payments
  • Send invoices
  • Maximize tax deductions
  • Accept payments
  • Track sales and sales tax
  • Payroll
  • Track inventory
  • Run reports
  • Send estimates

While QuickBooks offers several learning resources to help you learn your way around the software, the best and most comprehensive way to learn is through a QBO training advisor, who will help you take full advantage of all the different tools and features the software offers.


If you are a small to medium sized business, hiring your own accountant or a whole team to manage your finances may not be in your budget. QuickBooks Online offers one of the best and most affordable solutions in today’s market; since it is a cloud-based solution and doesn’t require software installation, you’re able to choose from a variety of subscription levels that meet your business needs. There are a lot of different accounting softwares on the market, but nothing matches QuickBooks in how it saves you money, time and effort. And especially in a small business, every billable hour and cost counts!

Plus, with a wide range of training courses available at a lower cost than hiring an accounting team, you will be able to learn the tool and complete bookkeeping tasks, invoices, bills and financial reports within a budget that works for your business.


Gone are the days with physical paperwork being scattered everywhere, which made you more susceptible to losing important financial information. With digital products like QuickBooks Online, you can keep track of everything all in one place. Since QuickBooks is a cloud software, you can access your data wherever your office may be that day rather than needing to use a specific device.

The other benefit that comes from QBO being a cloud software is that it has a great automated backup system that keeps your financial information safe and secure, so you won’t lose anything important using this software. QBO training will help get your business organized and starting on the right foot, especially if you’re making a transition from paper bookkeeping.

Save Time with Automation

Running a business takes a lot of time, but QuickBooks allows you to save time with its automation features. Tasks such as recurring bills and repetitive invoicing can be automated, saving you time and keeping you organized.

Invoicing gets time-consuming the more clients and customers you get, but QuickBooks allows you to batch invoices that lets you send email invoices to multiple clients simultaneously so long as it doesn’t require personalization or contain different prices. With the proper QBO training, you’ll be able to boost your efficiency in your accounting department and stay more organized.

Support at Your Doorstep

Having the proper support is crucial when running an efficient business. With QBO training, this opens up pathways to professionals in the industry where you can get the proper advice tailored to your situation. Plus, getting a walkthrough of the program with a professional will help you take advantage of the program’s full capabilities—even features you may not have been aware of previously—which helps improve the effectiveness of your small business’s accounting.

Balncd offers live or by-phone training and support to help get your business up and running with QuickBooks. Additionally we offer after setup support and training on an as-needed basis so you feel confident in your new bookkeeping tool. Contact us today to get your business on the track to success!

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